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4G Yagi Mobile 

3G/4G Antennas and Installation

We perform signal strength tests on site and advise best type of system for you based on the test results.

What's so great about the new frequency bands?

With so many changes to 4G in Australia, it's an exciting time to jump on board a 4G network. The 700 MHz network is an absolute game changer - one of the major drawbacks with the older 1800 MHz 4G network has been its high carrier frequency doesn't travel particularly far and doesn't penetrate well indoors. 700 MHz on the other hand having such a low frequency travels significantly further, bends around and behind hills, and penetrates much easier inside buildings, providing coverage similar to Telstra Next-G - meaning high speed data will now be available as far as you can make a phone call (in switched-on areas).

We also can provide Yagi or Omni antennas kits, connectors and cable for self installation.

We can provide a Technician to install your antenna for you, up to 30ft mast.

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